Our Schools Are Under Threat
SECURSHADE Will Make Schools Safer

The patented SECURSHADE security shade system is designed to function as both a commercial-grade window shade treatment and as first-alert security shade technology to thwart a would-be active shooter.

The SECURSHADE system is installed in every room in a school, or any building that could be subject to a shooting attack, with a wireless network or Ethernet network that provides two-way communication between classroom personnel who first suspect or are subject to an outside attacker, and administrators and police by informing them where the trouble signal is originating from. Each room if outfitted with a remote control that communicates with a series of wireless nodes that direct a signal to either lower SECURSHADES within a single room, or all rooms in the building simultaneously. With the press of the remote-control button, or SECURSHADE smartphone app, the SECURSHADES are lowered in less than 4 seconds to engage the room or building in a lockdown situation.

SecurShade Security Shade System

The system simultaneously sends a message indicating a lock down event with its location within the school to previously selected authorities – principal, security officer, police, DHS, etc.

Under regular everyday use, SECURSHADES are raised and lowered manually by chain, and function as an energy efficient window shade that lets natural light in while keeping outside heat out in summer, and retain interior heat in winter.

The system can be programmed to automatically activate every night or weekend, which simply and emphatically identifies any malfunctioning shades and provides greater utilization of the shades’ benefits (privacy, security, heat control etc.).


While SECURSHADE was primarily developed in response to requests from our K-12 school clients, it is an inexpensive system that could even be used in the home as part of a security system or bigger and broader applications, both in the and out of the US, where a SECURSHADE’s energy efficient, low cost, automatic, remote closing system would be advantageous including:

  • Post-secondary and specialty schools
  • Government buildings
  • Houses of worship
  • Planned Parenthood clinics
  • Research laboratories